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Virtual Reality 


by Eliane

My name is Eliane Almeida, and I’m a lover writer, Eliasibe's wife, mother of Erick and Enzo. I've been living in NY-US since 2010, meanwhile, I spent 2 years in Tokyo in Japan 2016-18, and then some time in Brazil and then I came back to NY. My formation is Computer Science, but my vocation is a Christian educator and counsellor, it is the field that I attended a Pos-graduate program. I am passionate about making sourdough bread, to make it there must be patience to respect the cycle of the process, but this is life, a journey of steps. I was invited to write on the 4VR, Blog I am here to share what I have been reading and learning about Virtual Reality and its benefits in people's lives, I hope you enjoy it.