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VR Yoga Rehabilitation

This is another story of how virtual reality can be used to reach people who live in remote places and make their life easier. The distances from rural communities are a great challenge for people who need to travel for long hours for rehabilitation sessions.

With that in mind, Dr. Amine Choukou has developed a virtual reality-based rehabilitation program to help stroke survivors restore their physical and cognitive abilities. With the help of a VR Headset and a laptop, patients will be able to access the guided therapy sessions at home.

Dr. Amine Choukou

As a result of this project, Dr. Choukou received the Professor Gerry McDole Award for Best Health Care Delivery for Rural, Remote, and Underserved Populations of Manitoba.

Although there are already other projects that combine VR technology and other therapies, Dr. Choukou believes his project is the first to use virtual yoga training in a post-stroke process. Dr. Choukou's team will create 3D virtual environments where participants will be able to take part in the experiment three times a week.

“We expect to see improvement in participants’ arm and hand function, balance and mobility, and cognitive performance,” Choukou said. “We also predict reduced frailty and fewer falls.”

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