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More Accessible Healthcare Through VR

Many people have moved from the big cities to the countryside in search of a simpler life, whether to run away from the stress or even because of the pandemic. And this is already part of a new reality. This change can be great for physical and mental health, but it also has its challenges. Living far from big cities also means living far from hospitals, clinics, and other essential health services.

Erik Maltais, CEO of Immertec

In this context, Erik Maltais, MedTech's entrepreneur, saw a bridge between virtual reality and medicine to make healthcare accessible to people who live far from specialized healthcare. Within three years, Maltais and Jon Clagg, his business partner, developed specialized software for medical training and founded Immertec.

Maltais software named Medoptic is a real-time form of observation, communication, and collaboration through VR. Cameras are placed in surgery rooms, regardless of location, and doctors can use a VR headset to participate in the procedure. Thus, more physicians are exposed to surgical innovations, and they can provide their patients with better access to these medical advances, without geographic limitations.

Imagine patients being treated by highly qualified doctors without having to travel to other cities or countries to receive specialized treatment. It was a brilliant idea! Once more, technology is used to solve problems and meet human needs, showing how creativity can generate solutions through a technology that was created for entertainment.

Visit 4VR to discover our Virtual Reality projects in healthcare!

Source: How Virtual Reality Is Making Healthcare More Accessible, by Shama Hyder - CEO of Zen Media.


Hello, my name is Ameli Carrano, and I am a graphic designer for almost 20 years. I am here to share some news and information about Virtual Reality and its countless applications.

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