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What about the Future?

Have you ever thought about what the future will be like? What will the technology look like 20, 30 years from now? Thinking about it and looking at past experiences, it's not hard to imagine things to come. Fortunately, there are people who can visualize the future and make their most unlikely dreams come true.

California's Mansfield News ran an article on April 18, 1963, with the headline: "You'll Be Able To Carry Phone In Pocket In Future." In this article, Frederick Huntsman, who was the commercial manager of a telephone company, said that this telephone would be commercially available in the distant future. At that time, many people must have thought he was crazy, but there were already laboratory experiments for telephony that wouldn't become a reality until about 30 years later.

Image of California's Mansfield article

Today, almost 60 years later, we can experience much more of this evolution in communication technology. We are in the online era, where virtual reality is increasingly present in people's lives through tools that bring many benefits. In education, for example, the student can have an immersive experience in a fully interactive environment. Another example that is becoming quite common is the possibility of searching for a property to buy or rent and access it through a visit in a 3D environment with the presence of the realtor through VR Interactive.

4VR has developed several virtual reality projects that have increasingly made this technology accessible, both in education and in health, commerce, tourism, and real estate brokerage. And much more is yet to come!


Hello, my name is Ameli Carrano, and I am a graphic designer for almost 20 years. I am here to share some news and information about Virtual Reality and its countless applications.

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