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Women and Virtual Reality

When we think about Virtual Reality, we may get the impression that this is an area dominated by men. But, day after day, VR has been gaining more space and possibilities and, consequently, has attracted the participation of many women.

As virtual reality and augmented reality are very recent technologies, the presence of women working with them is strong since the beginning. As an example, we can cite NASA scientist specializing in VR, Jacki Mori, who researched experience in VR from 1985 to 2007.

The following article presents a list of 35 super talented and creative women who have been developing wonderful works in VR and AR. This is the case of Christine Cattano, co-founder, global head of VR, and executive producer of Framestore VR Studio, who worked in the visual effects of several films and commercials such as Fantastic Beasts, Interstellar, and Avengers, among many others.


Hello, my name is Ameli Carrano, and I am a graphic designer for almost 20 years. I am here to share some news and information about Virtual Reality and its countless applications.

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