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What is Augmented Reality?

Do you know what is Augmented Reality or AR? Unlike Virtual Reality, which takes place in a computer-generated environment, Augmented Reality results from the overlapping of information in the real world, which means, visual, auditory, or textual interaction inserted in what you are actually seeing. Some examples of Augmented Reality are found in the game Pokémon Go and the films Iron Man and Minority Report.

Nintendo recently launched the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game developed with Augmented Reality. In it, the user builds a racing circuit at home by using coded boards and, through the Nintendo Switch, controls a real cart and interacts with other characters, real or virtual. This is a very innovative AR visual experience. It's just incredible!

Although Augmented Reality has been in use for some time, several studies are being done to develop new technologies such as holography or super-thin and thin optical devices for cameras and satellites. Can you imagine the possibilities of this technology?


Hello, my name is Ameli Carrano, and I am a graphic designer for almost 20 years. I am here to share some news and information about Virtual Reality and its countless applications.

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