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Virtual Reality Tours x Virtual Tours: Which best fits to your business?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Given the current scenario, it is an essential solution for real estate, commercial and educational establishments. See why...

In times of quarantine and lockdown, all businesses will have to reinvent themselves. In fact, for some, such a reinvention should be to a greater degree than for others.

Although it is well known that the core point of the current scenario is the impossibility of “being present in person”, technology has allowed us to find solutions so that life does not stop completely.

Some changes in habits, although not yet clear, will happen and purchasing behaviors are expected to change in a relevant way. That is why for this moment in our history it becomes extremely favorable and necessary to adopt new forms of interaction and connectivity. The VIRTUAL REALITY technology presents itself as a great solution.

If we narrow the funnel about the applications of virtual reality technologies, its potential is perceived in terms of allowing an indescribable experience when it comes to real life simulation.

This is even more evident for the businesses mentioned at the beginning of this article, since the virtual reality applied to the concept of virtual tours, in addition to representing an evolution of marketing and advertising approaches, allows to shorten distances in a way never before imagined and, a the great news is that such technology is now available and accessible to all.

Various sources of information and articles have shown the surprising benefits arising from the growing use of VIRTUAL REALITY technologies in different business segments.

If, at this moment, the early adopters of this technology are giving priority to keeping their gears working, several interesting cases have emerged showing that such technology has allowed to leverage even more sales once these companies started to reach customers that were previously unreachable, just because they were physically distant. The application of virtual reality technology in virtual tours came to stay.

After presenting this scenario, it becomes essential to understand, in a simple and clear way, what, in fact, VIRTUAL REALITY TOURS mean.

The key concept to be commented on is INTERACTION. In order for it to be a virtual reality, which actually achieves the objective of simulating reality and allowing the EXPERIENCE of feeling present in a place far from where it is, the user needs to be in control of what is happening. In other words, he needs to be deciding what to do, “where to go”, “where to look” and “interact looking for the information he wants and when he wants”.

The true VIRTUAL TOURS using VIRTUAL REALITY TECHNOLOGY allow this interaction, differentiating them from what is, sometimes, called VIRTUAL TOURS which, in most cases, consist of nothing more than a sequence of photos, slideshows or videos, without any interaction.

Finally, going a little further in the concept of Virtual Reality Tours, features like the so-called INTERACTIVE PANORAMA, make the experience even more real and unique. It is a dynamic resource, which allows the insertion of animations such as videos of people within the tour itself in virtual reality, like they were actually in the environment.

It is an extremely advanced resource, which few companies like 4VR Virtual Tech Media offer, bringing something even more innovative with regard to INTERACTION and EXPERIENCE IN SIMULATING THE REAL LIFE.

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