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Virtual Reality Public Speaking

Virtual reality programs are not limited to moments of relaxation or distraction, but they extent to educational, professional, and personal activities. VR simulates several real situations, helping people overcome fears and difficulties. Public speaking is an example of an activity that VR can be used to practice.

Today’s showcase is not familiar for many people: immersive virtual reality. This is a multi sensory platform, often highly interactive, in which your body and mind believe what is simulated is reality. Using VR, it’s possible overcome real fears, and this brings a positive impact, unlocking fears and opening possibilities for concrete goal.

Psychological needs such as social anxiety, stress, depression, and isolation can also be greatly helped with the help of virtual reality.

Many people are delighted to see an inspiring public speaker and cannot even imagine doing the same. Public speaking is one of the most wide-spread fears people have; it is possible to work on personal fears through Virtual Reality. A program we can call "VR Inspiration" can help people to simulate the experience of speaking in front of a large crowd and learn to overcome their fears or learn to do that activity by overcoming their fears. Speaking to people is one of the examples that VR can help, whether for a professional or personal need. Speaking is a practical matter, and to practice it in a safe place simulating a real situation is a great experience.

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