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Virtual Reality Events During Pandemic

In 2020, the lack of physical events caused by the pandemic accelerated the demand for technological processes to recreating experiences in the digital world. One of them was Virtual Reality, which was already being used, for example, by museums. Quarantine increased the need to create virtual environments, such as “The Fabric Reality” - a fashion event organized by a partnership between the RYOT Studio, the Museum of Other Realities, and the London College of Fashion Innovation Agency.

Besides that, the big news is that the 5G technology will eliminate the points of friction that were delaying the adoption of Virtual Reality. Also, this new technology will introduce advanced connectivity that will allow the realization of high-scale events with very low delay.

I hope to hear more news about events like this. Virtual Reality is a very fertile area to explore creativity, and it has a broader reach than real environment events.


Hello, my name is Ameli Carrano, and I am a graphic designer for almost 20 years. I am here to share some news and information about Virtual Reality and its countless applications.

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