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The "wellness everywhere" like spa

VR Technology has been a great ally for a healthy and balanced life, as it has been used in spa and in programs for the well-being of people.

A survey shows record rates of depression, anxiety, and loneliness during the COVID-19 era. There are many causes for this, but the main ones are related to isolation and to the climate of division— political and social. People do not talk; they debate their points of view mindlessly. another two points of insecurity are financial concerns and how to connect with social media. This, in part, may explain the search for activities such as yoga and meditation, and in this line Virtual Reality brings its contribution to mental and physical well-being.

The "wellness everywhere" trend - airports, offices and even hospitals is a trend that Virtual Reality can help. Make places that originally experienced stress and tension, enjoy a resource like a spa. With Virtual Reality glasses it is possible to go anywhere, from anywhere. Some companies customize programs for their customers because they can add other values to the benefit of well-being, such as directed breathing and stretching exercises.

While no one can say for sure exactly what the spa of the future will look like, considering the trends we are already seeing and the preferences of millennials, it is likely that VR will only become more common. Plus, VR is a powerful tool. Studies have shown that VR can reduce levels of anxiety and negative emotions, plus promote a positive mood, and this resource could be everywhere could be benefit to many people.

Source: Forbers Magazine. Sol Rogers

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