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Virtual Reality for restaurants in times of COVID19

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Virtual Reality can help you to reinvent your restaurant business.

Using Virtual Reality in the hospitality industry guarantees advanced competitiveness in the market helping clients to try their business at the stage of choice, at home. In times of crisis like the one we are living in, COVID19, it is important to analyze the options available and reinvent yourself. The focus on the present will bring new opportunities and keep customers in the future. In this article, you will find some reasons why now is the time to create your business virtual tour.

What is a Virtual Tour and how will it help me marketing my business?

A Virtual Tour is a way to bring to the customers the experience of being in your business with a 360-degree view of your environment, enjoying the best of what you have. 4VR has something better to offer: we create an interactive panorama including photos and videos showing everything your customer would want to know about a dish for example. That is the power of VR (Virtual Reality) included in our Virtual Tours.

Restaurants are the kind of place where people go for a dine-in. But now, during COVID19, most restaurants can only offer take-out or delivery. Our Virtual Tour will show the best the restaurant has to offer, helping your customers to make the decision and choose their preferred item on the menu.

Is my customer prepared for a VR experience?

No matter what age or location, things have changed and your customer is ready for a VR experience. Some will prefer to watch in VR glasses, others via their computers, and others using smartphones. Whichever way your customer feels more comfortable with, you will be able to invite them to experience your restaurant.

Reasons why your restaurant should have a VR tour.

  • New Platforms

The new platforms have exposed several menu options. Via web or mobile food-delivery apps sell brands and meal suggestions. Thus, via VR your brand and product will be ahead of the competition and will show an attractive option for helping your customers to make their decision.

  • Full Picture

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. A panorama brings several images, perspectives, videos, photos, and detailed aspects of your product. Your customer will be able to see first hand the quality and why your product is better than the competition.

  • Interactive Panorama

Unlike a video tour, the interactive panorama will enrich the experience of your customers. Imagine a welcoming, warm reception by you or one of your well-known employees, explaining how to interact and virtually visit the restaurant. Also, the same virtual receptionist would explain the menu or show the chef preparing a meal. All controlled by your customer, who would choose what to watch and when to stop.

This is the right time to change, learn, and improve. More than ever before, this is time to keep your business to people’s minds, to people’s houses. VR powered Virtual Tours are changing the game and can put your business on the top.

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