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Kids can read books everywhere for fun and learning

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time to the era of dinosaurs? Or search the depths of the ocean for a great white shark? What if you could fly across the globe? Now you can do it from anywhere! Children in recovery at a hospital, at school with directed study, or for fun using VR.

By combining cutting edge virtual reality technology with educational children’s books, VR books engages the mind and senses of curious young learners like never before.

Reading is something that develops children's imagination. Reading books using Virtual Reality enhance this creativity by giving shapes, volumes, movements, and sounds to the words the child sees. For a child with Attention deficit disorder (ADD) or similar neurological problems, this resource is an ally with the language necessary to keep the child's attention and bringing him or her learning.

Using VR books, children become protagonists of their own adventure. They associate reading with the adventure right before their eyes, using their creativity, telling a story, and perceiving a new world around them and learning.

Source: School Library Journal

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