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Exercising with Virtual Reality in times of COVID-19

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Riding an exercise bike, a treadmill, a similar device, or none of them, we can work out at home with VR.

It can be tedious working out in the scenario does not change, usually, because the activity takes place in a closed place. In this situation, the best option was a TV or some music for distraction during the exercise. However, through virtual reality, it's possible to choose the scenery while walking: the countryside of France, the streets of Amsterdam, or someplace that brings some joy. Besides that, you can choose the soundtrack to add flavor to the exercise.

Virtual Reality makes exercise more enjoyable and less difficult according to a new study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology. According to this source, the researchers discovered four positive effects of exercising while using virtual reality:

1 - They experienced more positive emotions and physical sensations.

2 - They felt more energetic and physically charged when exercising

3 - They focused less on the strain of cycling, and more on the VR experience in which they were immersed.

4 - The use of VR and music resulted in greater overall exercise enjoyment, with participants reporting a keener sense of achievement and satisfaction.

These results are highly promising, especially at the moment that we are living with COVID19, where people are at home and it is a big problem to exercise.

Exercising with VR is an emerging technology and its effects on society are profound. It could help people of all ages and profiles, bringing wellness and benefits to people's health and help them live a good lifestyle.

Source: Simon Chandler, Forbes Technology Council

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