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Business Landscape for Entrepreneurs after COVID19

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

What will and has changed in the Business world due to COVID? Canada is working to promote start-ups and business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Toronto hosted the Second Webinar to discuss the Business Landscape for Entrepreneurs. Miryam Lazart, CEO of LatAm Startups, believes the Toronto business scene – for those looking – is very promising. "There are opportunities during and after the pandemic".

Virtual Reality is a technology already prevalent in the world today. It has fundamentally changed education by helping students with school content – especially for learners with an academic disability. Virtual tourism offers the experience of being in a distant land, despite the pandemic. Virtual professional training does not need to allocate physical space to incorporate new employees. At home exercising with VR could be the new Peloton. Virtual occupational therapy with the elderly and virtual psychology therapy helping to face without fear and anxiety. Virtual Reality's presence is everywhere. 4VR is a start-up located in Canada; it is a promising Virtual Reality Company that wants to be part of the project that will take Canada to another level of business. 4VR believes that Virtual Reality can benefit the community, offering excellent technology services like Virtual Tour to show Canadian places, e.g. Colleges and Universities helping international students to make the decision to come to Canada to study. In addition, 4VR wants to use its Technology towards Project VRHope, which wants to use VR at hospitals, helping children mentally during their battle, such as cancer, and other illnesses that make them mentally vulnerable during hospitalization. VRHope will bring to them a virtual experience like visiting a fun Park or other activities of joy. There is still a lot to talk about regarding 4VR and what it will produce through it to promote Toronto-Canada. It's just beginning…

Visit the Second Webinar about the Business Landscape for Entrepreneurs with Miryam Lazart, CEO, LatAm Startups.

Second Webinar to discuss the Business Landscape for Entrepreneurs:

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