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A new approach in the treatment of Phobias and Paranoia

Virtual Reality Therapy Session

Unlike conventional approaches, a new experience in the treatment of phobias and paranoia has been the subject of study by an Australian psychologist, Dr. Corrie Ackland. In conventional treatments, patients are gradually exposed to situations in which they have to face the things they are afraid of. As an example, when a patient is afraid of needles, the first part of the treatment is done through contact with photos, in the next step the patient practice syringing oranges, and then they continue to work until they can get an injection themselves. But this is a process that cannot be repeated many times.

According to Dr. Ackland, in the new therapies developed with the help of Virtual Reality, the process can be done repeatedly in a controlled environment and without causing harm to the patient. Consequently, it is possible to reach satisfactory results more quickly.

This new form of therapy has been tested in the treatment of phobias and treatments for post-traumatic stress, depressive symptoms of dementia, and many others.

Source: How virtual reality exposure therapy is helping to treat phobias and paranoia, by Sana Qadar and James Bullen for All in the Mind.


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